• eMOP at DH2014
    Matt Christy and Liz Grumbach, co-Project Managers for eMOP, present at the poster session
  • IDHMC at DH2014
    See if you can spot some of our IDHMC and international collaborators!
  • DH2014 Authors
    All of our colleagues were visualized in a network visualization of all DH2014 authors
  • DH2014 in Switzerland
    Opening events were held at the impressive Swiss Tech Convention Center at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Liberate the Text!
    Dr. Tim Duguid and Liberate the Text! poster at DH2014
  • DH2014 Posters
    Noah Peterson presents at the DH2014 poster session
  • Texas DHers at DH2014
    Representing Texas at Digital Humanities in Lausanne
  • Aggies at DH2014
    All our amazing Aggie colleagues at DH2014
  • Humanities Visualization Space
    Bryan and Nancy see the fruit of their labors in the Humanities Visualization Space

Welcome to IDHMC

the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture.

Texas A&M’s digital humanities initiative was established by Maura Ives, Amy Earhart, Patrick Burkart, et. al., via a whitepaper submitted to the upper administration which is available here.

An article about the whitepaper is forthcoming, as is a paper about how the last three years (2011-2013) have gone in establishing this center. Visit our Comment Press site regularly for updates, or follow us on facebook or twitter.

Please contact Director Laura Mandell at (idhmc [at] tamu [dot] edu) if you have thoughts or questions.