ASECS 2012

(email: Laura Mandell, mandell-at-tamu-dot-edu)

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., there will be a workshop for faculty, graduate students, independent scholars, and anyone who is interested about how to do research and publish peer-reviewed articles and scholarly editions in 18thConnect ( The peer-review process involves an illustrious editorial board (, and all publications are described in terms of print equivalents in formal letters to those whose work is accepted (see Profession 2011 for a cluster of articles on this topic).

Additionally, 18thConnect has negotiated with Gale-Cengage Learning so that editing can be done, and scholars receive credit for, texts in the ECCO Catalog ( Pending further negotiations with 18thConnect, Gale or some other publisher may also publish some of these editions in printed-codex form. At this event you will find out how to create electronic editions and articles, and get support from the 18thConnect development team. For those who are members of societies or caucuses related to eighteenth-century studies, 18thConnect can also host group discussions and group publishing, and it can be used as a venue for the electronic versions of 18th-century journals.

Everyone is welcome to come to both events, no matter what time of day you arrive in San Antonio. If you can, please pre-register here by posting a comment below and signing your name — that’s all you need to do. No worries if you are late, miss the event after signing up, or forget to sign up.


5 Responses to ASECS 2012

  1. Molly O'Hagan Hardy says:

    Please register me for this exciting event.

    • mandell says:

      Will do! Readers, please feel free to register this way, by leaving a quick comment with your name.

  2. Billy Hall says:

    Please register me for the workshop!

  3. I look forward to attending!

  4. Douglas Murray says:

    Please register me for the event.

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