From the monthly archives: November 2012

ProQuest Joins Forces with TAMU Scholars to Make 15th Century Books Behave Like Born-Digital Text

Company teams in project that will train OCR technology to read early modern fontsĀ 

Information powerhouse ProQuest is participating in a project that will vastly accelerate research of 15th […]

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This October, directors and project managers from the nodes of the Advanced Research Consortium (ARC) met in Raleigh, North Carolina to discuss the expansion, implementation, and sustainability of ARC as a digital infrastructure for the future of humanities scholarship. Representatives from ARC, including the IDHMC’s own director Laura Mandell, Nineteenth-Century Scholarship Online ( Continue Reading

Mandell gave an interview and talk at the University of South Carolina: big thanks to Michael Gavin and David Miller!

Interview about the IDHMC:

Talk: “Knowledge as Production: the Difference ‘Use’ Makes”

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