eMOP: The Early Modern OCR Project

For more information about our eMOP Project:

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To understand why we wish to improve Optical Character Recognition programs, you may listen to this three-part webcast, available in mp4 or swf format:

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eMOP: the Early Modern OCR Project

  • Part I: Cyberinfrastructure (NINES, 18thConnect, REKn, and ARC)
  • Part II:Crisis (the OCR problem in detail)
  • Part III:Dangers and Opportunities (How could there be a “digital dark age?”)
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(On high bandwith, you may see the whole video as one continuous webcast: http://idhmc.tamu.edu/projects/Mellon/why.html)

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All the videos are best viewed in a Safari or Firefox browser.

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The Mellon Foundation has given us permission to publish the grant narrative and appendix, with financial details removed from it. You are welcome to peruse these documents, and we would appreciate any comments. Preliminary documents are also available on the IDHMC’s commentpress. Send thoughts to mandell – at – tamu – dot– edu.

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Overview of activities (Gantt Chart)
Mellon Foundation Grant Proposal: “OCR’ing Early Modern Texts”
Mellon Foundation Appendix

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To see the press release describing the Early Modern OCR Project, go to our blog.

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Check out the eMOP website: http://emop.tamu.edu

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