Faculty Development

Please email idhmc@tamu.edu with any queries or questions.

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The IDHMC (Institute for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture) wishes to support scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines including literature, history, art and architecture, archaeology, communications, and computer science researchers who are creating new scholarly, poetic, artistic, and musical forms.  We are offering two kinds of fellowships this semester as well as support for working groups and collaborative teams:

  • Support time:  — Summer 2014 Announcement —
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The IDHMC is accepting applications for summer technical consultation and support for digital humanities projects. These grants give those who are working on projects the time of DH experts who can help with

  • developing online scholarly communities;
  • developing archive and data sites;
  • selecting software and initial training;
  • directing research related to the digital humanities (environmental scans, ontology development);
  • consulting on how to effectively manage the project
  • supporting all of this work.
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Awards will be given in terms of numbers of staff hours allotted to the project. Applicants are expected to have performed some initial research into project needs and appropriate technologies, and applications will be evaluated on the basis of: clearly articulated project goals, feasibility given the limited duration of the grant term, and appropriateness given the IDHMC’s mission and areas of expertise.

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Two page applications (+ bibliography) are due March 7th 2014.

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Applications must include:

  • project description;
  • assessment of project’s relationship to existing digital scholarship (please provide a bibliography);
  • project needs, including specific project goals with deadlines that would be met through the granted time this summer 2014.
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Successful applications will demonstrate PI’s knowledge of basic digital humanities methods and practices, and must demonstrate basic knowledge of comparable projects.

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Please submit to Laura Mandell at idhmc@tamu.edu  Notification of awards will be made by March 31, 2014.

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  • Discussion groups: Those who would like to discuss topics in Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture are welcome to start IDHMC-supported working groups.  While we do not offer money at this time, we can:
  1. Host meetings in the Digital Humanities Lounge in LAAH.  Please see the calendar for available times at http://idhmc.tamu.edu
  2. Provide refreshments for meetings;
  3. Help you create a Drupal or WordPress site (see http://digitalreligion.tamu.edu for a sample).
  4. Host for your group a drupal commons site that allows sharing documents, blogging, co-authoring, and communication (http://dhcommons.tamu.edu).

If any group would like to start a wordpress blog or drupal site, independently of any of the fellowship options above, please contact us.  Drupal allows scholars around the globe to collaborate in a password-protected environment in order to build a database (i.e., bibliography) and display images, movies, anything you wish to the world concerning your group’s work.  WordPress is more like a blog, and is for the dissemination of information among global collaborators (it too can be password protected) when a database is not being built by them.  The drupal commons site allows groups internal to Texas A&M to share materials and communication.

Please direct all inquiries and proposals to idhmc@tamu.edu.


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