MESA-ARC Meeting

The MESA-ARC meeting was held at Texas A&M University on September 22—23, 2011. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together members of the ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) team and the co-directors of the new ARC node, MESA ( the Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance). A grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported the initial planning for MESA as well as the visit of co-directors Dot Porter (Indiana University) and Timothy Stinson (North Carolina State University). Members of the ARC team were Laura Mandell, Director of ARC and 18thConnect; Mary Farrington, Project Manager for 18thConnect; Andrew Stauffer, Director of NINES; Dana Wheeles, Project Manger at NINES; and Nick Laiacona, CEO of Performant Software. Planning for the creation and launch of MESA was accomplished, including creation of a roadmap and milestones, drafting of scope of work, and preparing for input of XML data. The meeting ended with a talk by Professor Stauffer titled Postcards from the Volcano: Nineteenth-Century Poetry by the Book (486).


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