Original Mission Statement

Our mission statement, authored by Maura Ives and Laura Mandell, is:

  • To perform research on the global impact of computing, digitization, cyber-worlds, and digital communication on culture by fostering collaboration among various disciplines housed in different colleges across the University;
  • To participate in creating a cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities, which is to say, a structure capable of making the human record accessible and usable by new computing technologies that will allow performing the new kinds of research that have been impossible up to now;
  • To foster among faculty at Texas A&M University inter-institutional and international relationships for the sake of maximizing the use of expertise and resources devoted to research in the Humanities, new media, and art.

We are located in the English Department of the College of Liberal Arts. We currently house a laboratory work space where we are working with undergraduate interns, graduate students, graduate fellows, and faculty from across campus on a variety of projects.

(Mission statement retired Spring 2015 - see our current mission statement here.)