Craig Kallendorf

Professor, Department of English and Department of International Studies

Craig Kallendorf (Ph.D., University of North Carolina) is Professor of English and Classics at Texas A&M University. His work centers on book history in the early modern period, with a focus on the classics and the relationship between media and content. He is the author of three bibliographies on the Roman poet Virgil, catalogues of rare book collections at Princeton and the University of Texas, and four monographs, the most recent of which (The Protean Virgil: Material Form and the Reception of the Classics) is scheduled to be published by Oxford University Press in March, 2015. Professor Kallendorf is president of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies and immediate past president of the Vergilian Society; he is also a member of the Grolier Club and will give the Bibliographical Society of America’s annual lecture at its January, 2015 meeting as part of Bibliography Week in New York City.