Laura Mandell

director, initiative for digital humanities, media, and culture
professor, department of english
idhmc [at] tamu [dot] edu

Laura Mandell is the author of Breaking the Book: Print Humanities in the Digital Age (2015), Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Britain (1999), and, recently, "Gendering Digital Literary History: What Counts for Digital Humanities," in the New Companion to Digital Humanities (Blackwell 2016). She is Project Director of the Poetess Archive, an online scholarly edition and database of women poets, 1750-1900 (http://www.poetessarchive.org), Director of 18thConnect (http://www.18thConnect.org), and Director of ARC (http://www.ar-c.org), the Advanced Research Consortium overseeing NINES, 18thConnect, and MESA. Her current research involves developing the multigraph to replace the monograph, imaging "multigraphs" as Virtual Research Environments that incorporate annotations and data manipulations not as paratext but as text proper. Over the last three years, she has spearheaded the Early Modern OCR project or "eMOP" (http://emop.tamu.edu), a project concerned with improving OCR for early modern and 18th-c. texts via high performance and cluster computing.

Maura Ives

Professor, Department of English

Maura Ives’s research area is 19th century print and digital textual studies. Her work focuses on Victorian women writers (especially Christina Rossetti and Jean Ingelow) and Victorian women’s religious writing and its particular literary and bibliographical subgenres (hymns, devotional calendars, illuminated texts, periodicals).